Our 6th Grade Curriculum at a Glance

We haven't started 6th grade yet. We will start in July! However, I have taken this mini-break from school to focus on what curriculum we have decided to go with for 6th grade.

Please note, there are no affiliate or referral links in this post. This is just the choice we are using.

I have decided to do Level 6 of Build Your Library. We really like this curriculum. However, I wish it was slightly meatier so I will be creating mini unit studies on the books, interactive notebooks, and note booking. We haven't done any official type of note booking in our home school yet but I do want to include more writing. I will be either creating my own, using teachers pay teachers, or finding free resources online from other wonderful families. I read Emily is going to be updating level 6 and that should be out by the fall time. We will be using the current version just because it aligns well with the older version of level 5. I do want to do a weekly update when we start school, so you can follow along with what we are doing and what I added.

We also will be using Teaching Textbooks for math. My son and I both really enjoy the online set up of it.

We have yet to find a writing/grammar curriculum that we like, so this year we are trying Essentials in Writing.

We are not a real fan of the Real Science Odyssey, so this year we are going to try something new. My son wants to learn about Earth and Space. I have heard good things about this curriculum so I thought we would try it out. We decided on Elemental Science: Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage.

I am also going to add TeaTime. My goal is once a week in some sort of variety to fun to basic. He will also be doing a free typing program I found. Watching that boy type hurts my soul, so I would like him to have some basic typing skills.

This is our 6th-grade choice in a nutshell.

What curriculum will you be using this year? What is your child's favorite book? (I am always looking for new books to give to my kiddo to read)

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