DIY Folder Organzier for Homeschool

My soon to be 6th grader has trouble keeping track of papers that he needs to for the day. I tend to hand him his papers first thing in the morning with his list of assignments. Since he is older, I wanted to give him more responsibility. He will be getting his assignments for the whole week every Monday. I will be posting tomorrow about my plans for keeping him organized.

Today, I wanted to share this super easy and affordable DIY Folder Organizer.

I remember one of my teachers having something very similar to this in case we lost assignments and I wanted to recreate my own. Do you ever remember anything from your childhood that is so ordinary but clever? This was one of those moments.

What you'll need:

File Folders
Yarn (not pictured)


Line up your folders.

Tape your folders together -- I wished I had colorful duck tape or folders to make it more personal but this is what we have on hand.

Add a loop of yarn on the back with tape.


I did add the days of the weeks to the top of the folders to coordinate with the papers he will need for that day. You can personalize this however you want. Again, I wished I had some different color folders or duck tape.

What is your tip for keeping your kiddo organized?

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