Keeping My Home School 6th Grader Organized

We will be starting our third year homeschooling this July. This past year we lost papers and our list of assignments that we wrote down. Thankfully, I also keep digital copies or our plans.

Since we are having a break between 5th and 6th grade, I brainstormed ideas that I hope will help keep everything together and organized. My plan is also to help give him more independence by giving him his assignments for the entire week instead of the day.

I have my planner that I will share at another time that is now planned out till September.

I purchased him a planner from Target. It is a 2020-21 Weekly/Monthly Planner from Blue Sky. It starts in July, which is perfect.

The monthly part of his calendar I have added important dates and figured he can go in and add anything he wants with it.

In the weekly part, I listed his assignments for the week on the correct day. We are only going to home school Monday - Thursday, leaving Friday's open for co-op, trips to visit family, field trips, or catch up days. Every Sunday or Monday morning I will update his planner with the new assignments.

I do not have his language arts in his planner yet, I need to dive more into the curriculum calendar for that before I add it. (You can read more about our curriculum choice for 6th grade HERE)

Another way I am helping him stay organized is he will have a folder system that has all the papers he needs for the week in their assigned day. I did a post yesterday on how I created this folder system.

I didn't take any photos, but his completed work will go into a regular 3 ring binder to make setting up his portfolio at the end of the year. I will add his work to that just to help keep myself organized and less work at the end of the year.

How do you keep your family organized? I am always looking for more ideas!


  1. I really like your file folder system!
    I also give my children their assignments on a weekly basis. It's very helpful to them to see the Big Picture of the week. They also love being able to check off assignments once they're completed. They love that sense of accomplishment!
    Best wishes as you start the new school year!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate how easy it was. I hope it helps him stay focused and gives him that feeling of accomplishment too. Hope you guys have a wonderful school year too. :)