Why We Homeschool

"Why do we homeschool?" is a question that I often receive. The short answer is we enjoy the freedom that homeschooling provides for us.

The freedom I mentioned is that we can take family vacations when it is right for my family. When my son was in the public school system I would have to get "approval" from the school district that he would miss a period of school.

I have always had this urge to homeschool. I wanted to badly but believed that I wasn't capable of teaching my child. How wrong was I to believe that? I would take my youngest to the playground or on mini hiking trips during the spring and fall days. I kept thinking about how I wished my oldest was here, being outdoor, not stuck in a classroom, and spending time with us on these beautiful days.

With those thoughts in my mind almost every day three years ago, I finally took the plunge and pulled him out of public school at the end of his 3rd-grade year. I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.

So I homeschool because I like being around my children and the freedom that comes with being able to go outdoors on beautiful days to when we can go on vacation.

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  1. We home school, because we believe the family should be the primary influence of a child, not their peers or a government school. We home school because we want our children to be socialized socially. We home school because we believe in giving our children the opportunity to be their people - and not always to follow the crowd. Home school becomes a solution for many of these children and their families, as it relieves the psychological and physical suffering that occurs with bullying. The other benefit for home school is that it eliminates the fear that children in schools today face harassing or other problems. I want to share The Best Homeschooling Resources Online for parents that can help your child for better education. Thanks for this beneficial article.