Beach Body: 80 Day Obsession Week 1 Complete

Friday, I completed week one of 80 Day Obsession with my rest day being on Saturday. Today, I started Week 2.

I decided not to post my measurements until the end of phase 1.

But so far here is what I have experienced with this program.

The very first day I couldn't figure out how to get the bands to stay. In a week, I only have trouble with the ones that are on my feet (looking at the side plank with a knee crunch move). For the one, I had trouble with I either did the modified version or without the bands. I felt like they were working in two different areas when I did either version.

Day 3, which was Cardio Core I wanted to throw up. It was an intense work out for myself and look forward to improving. I did not purchase sliders, I purchased bands (not the Beach Body ones), and didn't want to spend more money. I used paper plates instead. They worked fine on my vinyl floors. I can see myself buying sliders in the future, any recommendations would be great. 

Day 4, I surprised myself, I did 5 push ups before dropping down to my knees. I had no clue I could do that many! 

Day 5, my notes only have one sentence. I HATE LUNGES. 

Day 6, Cardio Flow was definitely not a favorite. I enjoyed all the exercises up to this point. The moves were awkward and moved rather quickly. I found myself needing to watch the first rep of a new move at the end just so I knew what I was doing. I read a review with a similar opinion, can't remember where and for some reason can not find. As soon as I find it I will link it. But she suggested doing a different cardio program. I believe this is what I am going to do. If I try this program again I will try the Cardio Flow again but right now I am going to try a different program in its place. 

Weights I used: 3LBS, 5LBS, and 8LBS mostly alternated between the 3's and 5's with the occasional 8's. I am planning on not using the 3's this week and probably use 5 most of the time with some 8's. 8LBS is the largest I have currently. Next month I will probably add to my collection because I am growing and gaining strength. 

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