BeachBody 80 Day Obsession: Week 2 Completed

Friday, I completed week 2 of 80 Day Obsession with yesterday being a rest day. I decided to do yoga on my rest day, which somehow now my left shoulder hurts. This means I will not be pushing my self super hard on the first day of week 3, hopefully, healed by day 2.

Since I decided to take notes after I finished the workout to help with my review. The basis is so far, I do have more energy and I have noticed that I have arm muscles starting and I can feel my abs! My clothes are fitting better.

During this week, we had Thanksgiving. I still ate pie and mashed potatoes. I ate whatever I wanted. I didn't deprive myself. I refuse to do that if I do that it starts to spiral and a real obsession starts. I am working hard to avoid that. I am working out to feel better, with help to not let it become an addiction, like previously in my life.

But here are the notes I took.

Day 8/80: I didn't write anything down. I love Total Body Core. I am pretty sure I did 5 push-ups that day because I challenged myself to 6 later in the week.

Day 9/80: It was Booty day. This is also one of my favorites, I can feel muscles in my butt when I do this workout that I had no clue I even had. Who knows butt's had muscles?! I also really love resistance bands. (I will do a review on the ones I have after I finish phase 1.)

Day 10/80: I used to love cardio workouts over strength training ones. Now I dread cardio. Cardio Core is definitely preferable for me over Cardio Flow though.

Day 11/80: I challenged myself to do 6 pushups each rep and I did! I used to be a girl who had to do push-ups on her knees, I didn't even want to try. I am so proud of how far I have come even if I have to drop to my knees after those 6 push-ups but I am growing. I used mostly my size 8 weights but the last rep I changed to 5's. Again, I am upping my game.

Day 12/80: Today was leg day. I hate lunges of all shape and form, except side lunges, I like those. Overall, other than lunges I like these. I used my 5lb weights to help with balance during those stupid lunges. Maybe by the end of this program, I will feel differently about them.

Day 13/80: I am still not a fan of this program. My balance has improved since the first week. So that is a plus. My coordination has improved a little, which makes this workout difficult. I am going to push through it and continue to do this one instead of switching it. I was able to do the kickback, frog jump without the jump this week. This is an improvement because last week I couldn't even do that. I also can not do the leg through exercise. It moves to fast and struggles with the coordination with it. I am going to try next week to do at least 1 leg on each side before they move on.

Day 14/80: Was a rest day, I decided to do yoga and now my left shoulder hurts. Which means I was probably slacking on my form. I am placing a heating pad on it to try and relive some of the tension.

Today, I start Day 15 and am excited to see what happens this week.

Disclaimer: I am not a BeachBody coach, I just wanted to try the workout program and thought I would share my journey along the way.

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