Beach Body: 80 Day Obession

In my bullet journal for December, I am going to keep a blog tracker. I really want to make this happen for a creative outlet for myself. 

I want to become a healthier version of myself. I would like to lose weight but it isn't a priority, I just want to make myself stronger physically and mentally. When I exercise it puts me in a better mood. I remember seeing Beach Body all over Facebook last year, so I went ahead and signed up for Beach Body on Demand. I am NOT a coach. I am NOT doing shakeology or following their nutrition program. I am just doing the workouts. 

I am going to start with 80 Day Obsession and want to share my results. Today is day one out of 80. Every week, I want to update with my results. I am hoping it will help me keep on track.

I drink 2 cups of coffee a day with some International Delight creamer and water for the rest of the day. I eat when I am hungry and I try to make healthy choices. I do not deprive myself of food. If I want a slice of pie, I will eat the pie. Dieting does not work for me and is a huge trigger (maybe I will share that story at another time).

My measurements before I start the program, I am not going to share my weight but at the end I will share a before and after photo. 

Chest: 37"
Right Arm: 12.5"
Left Arm: 12.5"
Waist: 35.5"
Hips: 41.5"
Right Thigh:  25"
Left Thigh: 25"

A little bit about 80 Day Session: (info found on their website) It was created by Autumn Calabrese. It features a timed nutrition plan (I am not doing this part) and features 80 unique workouts that are spread out over 13 weeks.

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