Barre Blend Review

I wanted to enjoy Beach Body's new program Barre Blend, but I just couldn't. I restarted the program twice, each time making it slightly further than the last.

The last time I restarted it I made it to the end of the fourth week.

Before I dive into this a little further, I wanted to share that I am not a consultant and I do not sell Beach Body products. I also do not use shakeology. I have tried Energize and hated it. I have Recover sitting in my cupboard waiting to be open.

Now that is is out of the way, I like Elise the creator of Barre Blend. She is down to earth, soothing, and truly motivating. She reminds me of Denise Austin.

I liked that the cast was diverse.

I liked the program but I was just bored while doing it. There are also so many lunges. I hate lunges. I hate doing them slow and doing them at tempo is not enjoyable for me. But the biggest problem was that I was bored. I tried to push through it but I would dread that moment of play and not give it my all. I would allow myself to get distracted easily.

Unfortunately, this program just wasn't right for me. I wish it was because other than the lunges I loved listening to Elise.

What I am starting doing, is trying 21 Day Fix. I enjoyed 80 Day Obsession and thought I would try 21 Day Fix, starting today.

If you have ever tried any Beachbody's programs which one have you enjoyed the most? Did you try Barre Blend, if so what is your opinion on it?

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